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Raising a virtual toast...
... because a real one costs real money. But speaking of the company: as of yesterday I am officially CEO and President of Querki Inc., an honest-to-God C-corp registered in Delaware and all that. In a few minutes, I head out to open the company bank account. Now the roller coaster begins to gather speed...

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Congratulations! Querki is now a person!

Congratulations on the birth of your child!

A very large fraction of corporations are in Delaware, mainly because their laws are business-friendly and their bureaucracy less of a hassle than some places. So it's pretty much the default, and I didn't see any reason to disagree...

So do get a mail drop there, and then can incorp there?

No, there are lots of companies that exist solely for the purpose of being corporate representatives to do this. My lawyers (who shepherded the process) used one of those.

One of the more significant pieces of advice I got for this process was to hire Really Good Lawyers for incorporation, because details can matter a lot down the line. My lead lawyer costs a bundle, but he's extremely experienced with startups, and has the process mostly down to a science. I still managed to throw him a few curveballs (on things like noncompetes and IP clauses), but I care about some of the subtle details more than most...

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