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Well, that's a good problem to have...
The slates for the upcoming Baronial election were announced tonight; my initial reaction is that they're all good. None are obviously The One True Person We Must Elect, but none are obviously weak -- each slate has its own distinctive strengths, and I suspect they'd all do a good job. So at this point, I have absolutely no clue who I'm going to vote for when the time comes.

When the modern world is constantly barraging me with lesser-of-two-evils choices, forcing me to hold my nose and vote for the incompetent who isn't actually insane, it's awfully nice for the SCA to present me with a genuinely thoughtful and difficult choice between solid candidates...

ETA: since several folks asked, the slates are (copying and pasting from the Council Minutes, to make sure I get the spelling right):

  • Baron Colin Ursell and Maitresse Nicolette Bonhomme

  • Baronesse Aurelia Rufinia

  • Lady Elana and Lord Dedric

Like I said, all good folks, and I think they'd all probably do a good job...

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And the slates are ..?

yeah enuiring minds want to know!

But the edit doesn't have the officer slate...?

Hmm? This isn't an officer election, it's a Baronial one -- Fergus and V are stepping down...

Fair enough.

I rephrase: who's running? :-) I haven't seen a list.

Ah -- reload your browser. I think you're not seeing my edit...

Thanks for the update. I tried looking at the carolingia livejournal page, but it hasn't been updated in a year. My husband subscribed to the Barony facebook page, but we didn't see this information there, either. It almost feels like the old days, when one had to go to Council or a practice to hear fresh news.

Well, keep in mind that this only happened last night. It does take a little while for things to percolate out.

If you're not currently on the Baronial mailing list, I strongly advise that -- it still carries more or less all the important content that the Facebook group has, plus it gets the Council Minutes, which is where all this stuff shows up...

Ah, a new bug for Eljay. Yay. I cannot refresh. I did, however, bludgeon my mobile mail client into getting me the minutes.

How weird. Are you refreshing the page, and not seeing my "ETA" section?

I was able to refresh comments, but not your post. The refresh button was greyed out. I had to reload ALL the posts in my friends page before your edit showed up.

To be clear, this is the android Eljay mobile client. Which stinks, but stinks less than every other LJ android client.

Ahhhh -- okay, that makes more sense. Haven't tried using the mobile client in ages, and don't know what it's currently like. As goldsquare says, I just use the browser...

They've relatively recently released a new client which seems much stabler.

Huh -- I think you're using a different UI than I am. (Not astonishing: I use a fairly old style.) I didn't even realize it was now possible to read comments in the friends page itself...

And I look at that list and go "I only know one of these people. I've never even met the other four."

Surely you've at least met both Rufinia and Elana?

I strongly suspect she's seen all five, especially if she was at K&Q's Bardic two years ago when Dedric was formally granted visa to stay in Carolingia in Court, but "seen" and "met" are two different things. I've known Nicolette for several years and I'm not sure I've technically met Colin. He's always been busy on Queen's Guard duty when I've seen him at events.

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