Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

LinkedIn Spam

[Please pardon a brief rant.]

Okay, I am beginning to lose patience with LinkedIn. My network there has leveled out for the time being, which is fine -- I haven't been pursuing it very aggressively lately, and I'm pretty picky there. (Whereas I'll accept Facebook invites from essentially anybody I know, even tangentially, my bar for LinkedIn is that I have to know somebody well enough to be at least somewhat comfortable recommending them for a job.)

And the thing is, I'm continuing to get invitations -- more often than not from strangers. And I don't just mean "this person is at one remove from me in the network" -- today's example is from "Icey Dfs", who is "Sales at Dongguan Dingfeng Silicone Products Co., Ltd", in, no shit, Guangdong, China.

Let's cut the claims that this is about networking: this is spam, plain and simple. And at this point, that spam is making up fully half of the invites I'm getting from LinkedIn -- not a huge number, but at this point I expect large social networks to be good at spam control. Worse, LinkedIn has *no option* for reporting invitations as spam! Hell, the email invite doesn't even give me the option of ignoring the damned thing, and I know that, by tossing it in the trash, I'm going to get another copy next week, reminding me of the invitation I pointedly don't want.

Yes, it is probably true that changing my profile title to CEO/Architect didn't help this, but I don't much care -- if the spammers are focusing on people with managerial titles, that means they are hitting LinkedIn's prime audience the worst. LinkedIn needs to bring this crap under control, or I may conclude that it's not the trouble maintaining an account...
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