Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Using the Scala.js Ecosystem: a Case Study

[For the programmers.]

Querki has come to a relative standstill, at least publicly -- it has been over a month since the last release, which is an eternity by my standards. The reason for that is that I'm doing the most dramatic rewrite of the project so far: I'm taking all of the scattered and inconsistent web pages and JavaScripts that comprise Querki's front end, and I'm rewriting them as a single, coherent AJAX web client -- written in Scala.

That's been a fascinating (if occasionally frustrating) project, *way* out on the cutting edge. As I often put it: I prefer to always work with leading edge technology, and Querki is mainly composed of bleeding-edge technology. The new Querki Client is written in *hemorrhaging*-edge tech: the compiler is at version 0.5.5, and most of the libraries are around version 0.3. We're only recently getting to the point where you can ask the question, "How mature is this stack?" with a straight face.

It's a little scary, but quite exciting, getting to use one language end-to-end for the whole system, with increasingly powerful libraries that let me, for example, simply call a method on the client and have it run on the server. I'm paying for it in a two-month delay now, but it should speed me up enormously going forward. (And it should help me with some key rewrites of UI components that have waiting for a year now.)

Anyway, having gone to the effort of learning all this stuff, it seems meet and just that I pass it on. So on November 11th 3rd, I'm going to be giving a talk to the Boston Scala Meetup: Using the Scala.js Ecosystem: a Case Study. Y'all are invited to come join us. This talk is likely to be interesting to anyone who is interested in the Scala language, but also to anyone who is interested in cutting-edge Web tech and wants to see a bit of the world beyond CoffeeScript.

The talk is currently slated for 6:30. Location is currently unknown, but likely to be Kendall Square-ish -- we've tended to meet in the Akamai building, but I don't think that negotiation has happened yet. Sign up for the Meetup, and it should update you as more information comes in. We usually go out for drinks and schmoozing afterwards, which is generally fascinating in and of itself.

Come on by, and please pass on word to anyone you know who might be interested...

ETA: Note that the date has been changed to November 3rd...
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