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Looking for massage therapist recommendations
My current massage therapist is going to become unavailable in the near future, so I'm beginning to look around. I know that there are lots of folks who both practice and use massage therapy in the area, so I'm looking for suggestions.

I don't need anything particularly specialized. This is primarily about plain old stress relief, every couple of weeks, plus work on fairly typical tense muscles. Ideally, I'd prefer someone vaguely in usual stomping grounds (between Davis, Porter and Ball Squares), although I'm open to suggestions from elsewhere on the T. I already know a couple of possibilities, but I figure this is the right time to try several folks and see whose style clicks best with me.

Drop me a note if you have someone you'd recommend. Thanks...

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I have liked almost everyone I've seen at Massage Therapy Works in Davis. Jeffrey, Robert, and Monique are my preferred choices, but there's only been one I didn't like (and he was oooooookay-I-guess at the massage, I just didn't like him and he didn't really communicate well).

Useful to know -- thanks!

I use Jen Jaynes. She works out of OMBE ( in Copley but she's really good and I'm comfortable with her so I make the trek.

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I've had very good experiences with Dell Fisher. Last I checked, he worked at Davis square massage some days, at Inman Oasis some days, and at his own practice beyond Porter Square (about half a block from Brooklyn Boulders Somerville) the rest of the time. is his private practice website, it has an email address, I'm pretty sure.

Note: he does some Shiatsu & Thai massage along with the more common Swedish style.

Oh Dell! I had a session with him once! HE WAS AWESOME.

Cool -- thanks for the pointer!

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