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Anybody want Pendaflexes?
Jane liked file cabinets -- filing was one of her favorite pastimes, and of course both of us were packrats, so we had a *lot* of files in our house. (Like, 12 full-sized file drawers full.) As part of unpacking, I am gradually weeding and deaccessioning: scrapping files that nobody is ever going to care about, de-duplicating a lot of stuff (I now have an enormous pile of duplicate Libers to give to anyone who is interested in Baronial history), and generally re-arranging the filing to make sense to me.

This has provided me with leftover Pendaflexes. (You know, those files that hang in file cabinets.) A *lot* of leftovers. Like, the top drawer of my lateral file is stuffed full of empty ones, which I think is a fair definition of "too many". I would guess that I have 200+, which is at least twice as many as I can imagine wanting in the foreseeable future.

So -- if you have any use for Pendaflexes, drop me a note and come on by. I'd like to give away at least a hundred of them...

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I could use a few, but probably no more than a dozen. Are these letter or legal? I think I could use both, but I will have to check on that.

Letter -- we only had letter-sized file drawers, and never had many legal-sized files anyway.

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I would, but I think I need a file cabinet first.

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