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And *that* is why I have waks.org
- Just got an email from Home Depot, saying that my email address was stolen during their recent payment card breach.

+ They sent the email to a burner address on waks.org.

As a general rule, if I don't think a company has any especially good reason to need my email address, I give them a unique waks.org address, precisely so that, if it somehow winds up in the hands of spammers, I can simply filter out that address to auto-delete. It doesn't prove relevant very often: I've been pleasantly surprised at how *little* of my spam comes from these burner addresses (the exception being PACs, which seem to resell addresses willy-nilly), and have found that most waks.org spam goes to addresses that one crook simply invented and sold to another crook. But it's nice to have the ability to cut off an address when it goes bad...

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I've had this happen fairly frequently, especially when ordering online. And on more than one occasion I've had to notify a company that their security had been breached based upon the origin of the messages I was getting to that address. None of those companies had been aware of the breaches.

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