Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Desk looking for a good home

This past week I've switched where my home office is (in order to give Kate more space), and gotten myself a new standing desk (because it seemed like a good idea). The result is that that my old desk needs to go away soon. I don't need it any more, but it's still fully intact and in generally good condition.

It's a big corner workstation; several photos can be found here. It's a good-sized desk with a substantial hutch and lots of filing separators for books and papers. One back wall is metal, to put magnets on. It includes a large third-part keyboard tray that I added.

It's currently disassembled, and needs to go away Soon: while there is no specific deadline, it's in the way, and will get trashed if I can't find a taker ASAP. It's a fair-sized pile of pieces, but should *mostly* fit in a standard car. The only tricky bit is the desktop itself, which is roughly 4' x 4' square. While slightly complex, it shouldn't be terribly hard to set up: I've labeled all of the pieces with post-its, and it is generally IKEAoid (don't remember if it is actually IKEA or not), requiring only a Philips head screwdriver, a 5/32" hex wrench (IKEA standard, IIRC) and a mallet or something to gently whomp pieces together.

It goes to the first person who comes to take it away. Drop me a note if you're interested, the sooner the better...

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