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It's the little things...
The UPS guy just rang the doorbell; the box he was dropping off turns out to contain my new business cards.

On the one hand, I am painfully aware that they are non-mission-critical at best, and self-indulgent at worst. Getting the bloody beta done is what really matters at this point.

But still -- this is the first time one of my projects has been real enough to need professional business cards. Heck, this is the first time I've *had* business cards in, what, over ten years? I don't recall ever getting them from Memento, and maybe not from Convoq, although I do have a leftover (and possibly never-used) box from Convoq's original identity of Applied Messaging. And really, those projects never needed business cards: I was an in-the-trenches engineer, only occasionally interacting with real customers. (And while I did make a few up for CommYou, they were just inkjet-printed on Avery stock, which really is not the same thing.)

This time, though, it's all my baby, and I expect to actually go through this original order of cards pretty steadily as I talk to folks. (This was driven home by my Scala.js talk the other week, when I realized that I *totally* should have had a pile of business cards in front of me.) So Aaron and I sat down last week to talk through layout (he has more visual-design experience than I, and the right tools), and I just got them: nice heavy stock, glossy printing and all. They're pretty spartan as these things go, but that reflects the general Querki aesthetic of focusing on the relevant data instead of a lot of glitzy frou-frou.

Don't be surprised if I press one on you, and please pass it on if you find someone who might be interested. As beta approaches, it's finally getting to be time to talk this up properly...

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You might consider waving at some of the UX researchers at Simmons once you get it a little more mature; I don't know a lot about what they do but this seems like the kind of thing they'd be interested in.

That's possible. In general, a good UX person is certainly on my list of the first ten people I need to hire, probably the first five...

Per our social group of nearly 30 years ago, when you next go out to Chinese with a bunch of different people, it is upon your business card that you get to write the whole order, prior to telling the waiter.


Harder than it used to be -- these new business cards are glossier than I'm used to, and probably don't take ink as well. (We'll see whether that proves to be an issue.)


(Deleted comment)
"The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!"

Isn't that right before someone shot at him?

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