Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Twitter seems to be deliberately encouraging spam accounts

Okay, the only way to get a rise out of anybody these days seems to be embarrassing companies on social media. Let's see if Twitter is paying any attention.

One of my domains has a long-standing but rapidly growing problem with Twitter Spammers. Specifically, some jackass has decided to use my personal domain to create lots of fake accounts on Twitter. This used to be only occasional, but I got three of them today, all pretty bloody obvious: I got confirmation emails to "hiv3s7@w***.org", "wrig7ryv@w***.org" and "wrig2px@w***.org". Of course, none of these are real emails, but they all land in my inbox since I own the domain. And the hell of it is, I can do *nothing* to shut these fraudsters down!

Seriously, this is where, as far as I can tell, Twitter is simply giving a gigantic f-u to anyone who owns a domain. The *only* thing I can do is to respond individually to each of these and say "this isn't my email address". That doesn't actually shut down the spammy twitter account -- I can't even say, "I own this domain, and I am 100% certain that this is an attempt to spam". There is absolutely nowhere I can find on Twitter's Help system to let me say, "my domain is being attacked through you; stop allowing people to sign up through w***.org", and there is no sign that they are noticing that every attempt to sign up via w***.org is being rejected and gee, maybe they should learn something from that.

It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of writing Twitter off as a bad idea, and simply spam-boxing all email from it, rather than trying to be helpful. I wish I had the slightest indication that they actually cared in the slightest about their users...
Tags: social networks, spam

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