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More details on Twitter's failure to control spammers

Ah -- there's the followup.

In my rant the other day about Twitter's incompetence, I mentioned that I was continuing to get emails *after* I had rejected an email address. This just happened three times in a row, all identical, so I now see a bit more of what's going on.

The original fake accounts had email addresses of the form "wrigk2px@w***.org". I definitely rejected these, saying that they were not valid addresses. What has now just happened is that I've received matching emails from Twitter, one to each of them, with a subject line of "Thanks for checking in, [Fake Name]" saying (with a pretty graphic), "Nice to see you again. With the Twitter app [big graphic of a phone], you'll never miss a moment of the conversation. [Download button]". These are addressed to "RECLAIMED_172128452_wrigk2px@w***.org".

I have no idea what this "RECLAIMED" nonsense is about, but at this point I am much more prepared to slam Twitter for incompetence. I'm honestly unsure whether this followup spam is being initiated by the spammers or by Twitter themselves, but they are totally not taking enough care to remove bogus email addresses from the system. There is no excuse whatsoever for me continuing to receive emails to my domain after I have explicitly told them that this is not a real account.

And I should note, the really I am *seriously* angry at them is the complete lack of *any* obvious mechanism to report this. Their help system is a maze of twisty little passages that tries to enumerate every kind of problem they can think of, automating the support for each one. This problem isn't listed anywhere, and the ones that are even vaguely close all lead into complex and inappropriate forms that are definitely *not* appropriate. I can't find an "other" category anywhere, nor any way to, eg, contact a support representative, after about fifteen minutes of clicking links all over the place. So I haven't yet been able to figure out any way to report this problem, leaving me with little option but to vent publicly. *That* is almost definitionally incompetent customer service.

(The only thing I can think of is to link to @Support, which I'm going to try with this post.)

I suspect I'm going to have no choice but to install the rather expensive Block Sender app (thanks to Laurion for suggesting this line of thinking), and hope that it works. But even if it does, Twitter deserves brickbats for forcing me into this and not providing a decent approach...
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