Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sometimes I need to step back and see these things in perspective

On the one hand, I'm a bit cranky that it took me a *long* time -- 4-6 hours -- to code up the casting questionnaire for A Respectful Calm in Querki. That's unacceptable, IMO: *nothing* should take me more than an hour.

OTOH, this is a lot more than a web form that sends an email. The form is a complex composite data structure, because I decided to get fancy, with a generalized concept of "question", each of which has a label, a Yes/Maybe/No optional response, and a way to mark whether it was important to them. Each player gets their own login, and can come back and re-edit their questionnaire until we cast. Once we *do* cast, the character hints will become available to them simply by logging in, and we can distribute character sheets and other private info the same way. And of course, I can slice-and-dice the responses with queries if I decide I want to: the joys of a real database.

So: not good enough yet, but not a bad start. This sucker uses *all* of Querki's most advanced features -- Model Types, User Values, and the brand-spanking-new Client -- and knock on wood, it seems to be working...
Tags: larp, querki

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