Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

That time of year again

That is to say, Arisia. My commitments are:
  • Cataloguing (Fri, 10pm) -- how to keep track of those big collections of fannish things you have. You are shocked, shocked that I am on this panel. I'm moderating, which should actually help keep my Querki blathering a bit under control.

  • SCA Renaissance Ball (Sat, 2:30pm) -- as usual, I'm dancemaster for the Ball. If you're at Arisia, please come by! This has proven to be a lot of fun in recent years: we usually get a good-sized crowd of folks, some SCA and some not. Since it is semi-demo, I keep it to the easier dances, so no prior experience is necessary. (For those who *do* know their dance, please come by and help out.)

  • LARPs Beyond Lightning Bolt (Sun, 11:30am) -- should be an interesting compare and contrast session, maybe a little more in-depth than the traditional LARP 101. Interesting mix of panelists.

I'm also looking forward to breakinglight11's Mrs. Hawking play on Friday evening, and of course the Masquerade. But I'm mostly pretty unscheduled, and there on my own, so I strongly encourage y'all to grab me and socialize -- I sometimes get rather lost in the crowd at Arisia.

What are y'all going to be doing there?

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