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That time of year again
That is to say, Arisia. My commitments are:
  • Cataloguing (Fri, 10pm) -- how to keep track of those big collections of fannish things you have. You are shocked, shocked that I am on this panel. I'm moderating, which should actually help keep my Querki blathering a bit under control.

  • SCA Renaissance Ball (Sat, 2:30pm) -- as usual, I'm dancemaster for the Ball. If you're at Arisia, please come by! This has proven to be a lot of fun in recent years: we usually get a good-sized crowd of folks, some SCA and some not. Since it is semi-demo, I keep it to the easier dances, so no prior experience is necessary. (For those who *do* know their dance, please come by and help out.)

  • LARPs Beyond Lightning Bolt (Sun, 11:30am) -- should be an interesting compare and contrast session, maybe a little more in-depth than the traditional LARP 101. Interesting mix of panelists.

I'm also looking forward to breakinglight11's Mrs. Hawking play on Friday evening, and of course the Masquerade. But I'm mostly pretty unscheduled, and there on my own, so I strongly encourage y'all to grab me and socialize -- I sometimes get rather lost in the crowd at Arisia.

What are y'all going to be doing there?

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No Arisia for us this year. I was up in the air because I'd been purged from the panelist list. Then new_man's nieces (and their parents) scheduled a rare jaunt to Boston for this weekend, so that clinched it.

Pity -- would have been nice to hang out, but I quite understand family visits. Have fun!

There should be hanging out in the future. I fear I've gotten quite reclusive lately.

Ditto. Once we get out of The Insanity That Is January, I'd love to find some time to get together...

Hmm. I'm regretting that I won't be at the Cataloguing panel. :)

A thing that I was going to use Google Docs for, short term, but likely could be done in Querki : I've committed to cataloguing the Camelot sewing book collection, including who actually owns what book even if it lives in the CH, and possibly extending out to portions of people's personal collections.

Yeah, talk to me about that: that sort of thing is right in Querki's sweet spot, and I'll be ready for it quite soon. (Actually, if you weren't planning on taking pictures of the books, it would be easy enough to set up right now.) Should be quite easy, and in the long run probably more robust in Querki than it would be in GDocs...

I hadn't thought of taking pictures of the books, honestly. I need to think about what level of metadata I actually care about. The most important parts are title, where a book lives, and who the ultimate "owner" is.

I'd like to have ways to track who has borrowed a book, and for people who have acquired a book that will live at their house but that they are willing to lend to be able to enter info on that book through some kind of quick interface. Though both of those unfortunately rely on people willing to be proactive, always a challenge.

Yaas. And admittedly, Querki's probably a bit overkill for your requirements, so don't sweat it too much. But I suspect we could get you up and running pretty fast if you want to try it...

I, also, will miss the cataloguing. Would you consider doing something in a SCAdian context on it some day?

I'm only at Arisia Saturday. Other than the dance and being available to herd lost musicians, I don't yet have a plan. Might need one of those, I suppose.

Well, I'm just moderating the panel -- I actually didn't propose it, but jumped on it when I saw that it was offered. A cognate SCA thing might make sense, but it's ferociously mundane, so probably not at an event...

We've had plain-clothes scholas, like the recent Voyages one I unfortunately had to miss, but they seem to still be on period subjects/research.

I wonder if there's enough interest for a con panel style symposium on using modern items for SCA purposes, and the modern aspects of dealing with SCAdian life. One of which could definitely be Keeping Track Of Your Shit.

It sounds like something that might happen at a Towers meeting. Or a GNE class. Or a good campfire chat? Though how I'd hear about that ahead of time, I have no idea.

There was a fairly recent "Service University" with lots of How To Get Shit Done focus, and my understanding was that it was quite well-attended. (Stonemarche, IIRC.) I should think that you'd get reasonable response.

I'm not sure if the workarounds we used for Voyages would fly for a full formal event on something that is more emphatically modern SCA, but if you're curious I'm happy to send it on.

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