Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

*Man*, that was fun; or, lessons from a conference session

One of the things I learned about myself many years ago is that, if and only if I believe in something to the tips of my toes, I am a really great salesman. That is, if I am truly, passionately enthusiastic about a subject, I am really good at communicating that enthusiasm.

So the primary lesson of the day is that, somewhere along the line, I became a Scala.js true believer.

Yesterday and today were the Northeast Scala Symposium. It was my first Scala conference, and a total blast: I learned a lot, and got to know more folks in the Scala community, including quite a number of folks who I've been reading and chatting with online.

Today was the "unconference": three tracks of smaller sessions, planned semi-spontaneously this morning. I wound up delivering one of the last sessions of the day -- I took the 75 minute presentation that I gave at the Boston Scala Meetup a few months ago, compressed it to an intense 30-minute speed through the slides, added a few nicely controversial assertions about where the ecosystem should evolve, and managed to spark half an hour of lively Q&A -- with not a little argument about my projections. I deliberately over-simplified the assertion (hence the argument), but stand by the heart of my point: that between Scala.js, Autowire and akka-http, I'm starting to want a web framework that is simply about client/server Scala programming, and mostly treats HTTP as a configuration detail.

Anyway, it was totally great: I'm still buzzed enough to be vibrating. (Admittedly, partly due to quite a bit of pre-presentation caffeine.) I definitely miss that; I suspect I need to seek out more opportunities to burble like that...
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