Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Enabling strongly-typed Exceptions with Autowire

[I really need a Scala icon for these posts.]

I'm going to start pushing a lot of my case-study posts, talking about Scala in the context of Querki, over to the Querki Development Journal. Today's post is one of those. It is *very* Scala.js-specific, but kind of insanely cool regardless. The tl;dr is that I spent today figuring out how, when doing a client/server RPC call, to throw an Exception in my server-side Scala code, and catch it in my client-side Scala code, with no boilerplate.

Being able to do end-to-end strongly-typed programming was cool enough to begin with; being able to throw strongly-typed Exceptions across that boundary is kind of fabulous. Every day that I work with Scala.js, I'm loving it more...
Tags: scala

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