Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Naming the Band

Well, choosing a style, actually, but I'm helplessly reminded of the Bobs' classic song right now. Today's little waste of time is selecting a new style to use in LJ, because I would like to move into Style System 2 as a matter of principle. Some thoughts on this particular exercise of style over substance, specifically on the immediately-available options.

Requirement: whatever I choose has to cope gracefully with overly wide images. I'm quite fond of Narbonic, but it's usually about as wide as my preferred browser window. In some styles, that makes all of the text entries run off the edge of the page, which is unacceptable.

Requirement: easy on the eyes. Has to be just glitzy enough to be fun to look at, without interfering with readability. The colors must not suck.


  • Generator: A bit space-inefficient, since it leaves very wide borders around the edges. Works nicely, though, showing all the relevant information clearly. Default colors are kind of blah, but Classic Desktop isn't half-bad.

  • Magazine: Fairly boring, but very practical. More efficient than Generator, if a bit less aesthetic.

  • Tabular Indent: Moderate on both efficiency and aesthetics.

  • The Boxer: Again kind of space-inefficient, but the nicest-looking of the bunch. Default colors are a bit hard to read, but this is the only one that goes to the effort of having its own set of color themes. (Sadly, "Refried Tribute" isn't quite as eye-friendly as my beloved Refried Paper from SS1.)

And the answer is: The Boxer, with a bunch of color customizations. (I'm starting from the default theme, but I don't like light-on-dark lettering so I'm going for a fairly beige tone for now.) That will do for a start, until I'm ready to mess with it further to get exactly what I want. Only one problem immediately apparent: since it doesn't use text for the comment link, I can't get the different colors of visited vs. unvisited when the number of comments changes. That'll bear some tweaking, once I figure out how to get at the guts of the template...

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