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So how big is this project, anyway?
Out of curiosity, I decided to check how big, in raw lines of code, Querki has gotten. The current stats are:
[info] Code Statistics for project:
[info] Files
[info] - Total:      419 files
[info] - Scala:      418 files (99.8%)
[info] - Java:       1 files (0.2%)
[info] - Total size: 2,212,824 Bytes
[info] - Avg size:   9,566 Bytes
[info] - Avg length: 229 lines
[info] Lines
[info] - Total:      51,832 lines
[info] - Code:       32,607 lines (62.9%)
[info] - Comment:    11,397 lines (22.0%)
[info] - Blank:      7,828 lines (15.1%)
[info] - Bracket:    4,772 lines (9.2%)
[info] Characters
[info] - Total:      1,894,144 chars
[info] - Code:       1,435,563 chars (75.8%)
[info] - Comment:    458,581 chars (24.2%)
So it's 32k SLOC so far, essentially all of it Scala -- probably the equivalent of 75-100k SLOC in Java+Javascript. 1.5MB of source code. (And about 1/3 as many lines of comment, which sounds about right.)

Looked at another way, there are currently 55 top-level code modules on the server, plus another 15 on the client.

Yeah, that's substantial. There's a reason it's taken this long to get to beta...

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Large for a pure code application, yeah. A very small amount of binary blobs compared to most applications with anything approaching this functional scope.

Intentionally -- most binary blobs are types that I'm not especially good at, like artwork. And in general, I like keeping things a bit functional and spartan: it reflects Querki's general ethos that this is *not* attempting to be Yet Another Internet Timesink, but is instead as useful a *tool* as it can be...

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