Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A bit of nostalgia for the wildest two years of my career

I occasionally mention my time at Looking Glass Studios. If you're interested in what that was like, check out this fine article about the company and its history. It leads off with LG's final meeting, which I remember pretty vividly. I was never significant enough to get mentioned in the story (indeed, it glosses right past Tom Leonard, who was much more important than I), although I worked with most of the folks mentioned in one capacity or another. For reference, I got involved at the point where Intermetrics/AverStar comes in, having jumped companies under the guise of being loaned from Intermetrics to LG as a temp programmer and never leaving. I did a modest amount of the coding for Thief, and a fair chunk of System Shock II.

Crazy days: LG remains the only job I've worked harder at than Querki, culminating in one stretch of five months, 29 days/month, to get the SS2 multi-player patch debugged and out the door. But game design entirely aside, I learned more about software engineering during those two years than I ever have anywhere else: it was a remarkable hotbed of really talented, innovative people, and I credit Doug, Marc and especially Tom for teaching me tons in the course of working with them...

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