Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Atomic Size Matters

Putting a link here for once, instead of in Facebook, because I think more people are likely to be interested: check out the new comic Atomic Size Matters, which is pretty delightful. It was written by a PhD candidate who was trying to explain her work to her friends and family. So she went back to first principles, and explained the concept she was working on (quasicrystals) in comic-book form. This became a minor sensation, so she Kickstarted it, and is now selling the book online. It looks like fun, breezy science writing, and the sample online (from the very beginning) is nicely clear. I'm considering picking it up, and I suspect some others might find it useful and enjoyable. (And I hope she chooses to do some teaching, based on her evident skill at making things understandable...)
Tags: comics, kickstarter

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