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The O Ya omakase menu
I've occasionally mentioned the over-the-top splurge that Kate and I did for our Dinnerversary last year, going to O Ya for their omakase tasting menu. It was both the best and most expensive meal I've ever had.

For those who are curious, Kate just stumbled across this picture-filled account of a visit to O Ya -- it's a fine bit of food porn, and represents the experience well. For reference, our omakase overlapped with hers about 50% or so -- they customize the experience heavily, based on your tastes.

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that is super awesome looking. and i sort of want to do it at some point but... i dont know anyone really who would enjoy it as much as i would and thus make the $$ worth it :P hmmm

Yeah, understood. That particular dilemma was pretty much the origin of Kate's and my relationship, and why we celebrate Dinnerversary...

Part of me is going "something to remember for when Hunter and I both have jobs again and a *really* special occasion", and part of me is thinking I have so many food issues as to make it not quite worth the effort.

Yeah, sadly -- while this sashimi-centric menu probably has fewer triggers for you than average, I suspect there would still be a bunch of pitfalls lurking amongst all those courses...

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