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Deconstructing Functional Programming
I usually post links on Facebook, but since this is a For The Hardcore Programmers one: check out Deconstructing Functional Programming. It's not new, but I just came across it. It's a delightful rip, not into functional programming per se, but into, as he puts it, the Cult(ure) of FP and the bad habit of turning good ideas into obscurantist religion...

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Ah, Gilad. (Yes, we're acquainted...) If all our software systems were beautiful gems of 5000 lines or less that could be maintained by a single very smart person, we'd never need types ever again. :-) Which is to say, there is blindness to simple realities in the rhetoric of all sides.

That's fair -- I agree that he glosses past the arguments for types much too casually.

But having spent *way* too long trying to make heads or tails of Scalaz (not to mention a year on the usual "what the heck are these Monad things?"), I have a lot of sympathy for his point that folks tend to overcomplicate functional programming...

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