Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Numb fingers

Here's a distinctly programmery bit of synaesthesia...

The main project for the first half of this week was setting up my new Ubuntu development box. Heretofore, Querki has been developed directly on my Windows desktop machine. Surprisingly, that hasn't been awful -- the key stuff is mostly available on Windows, and *mostly* works, although Eclipse has been kind of problematic -- but as I move to cluster development, I really want a dev machine that can run some Docker instances. And really, if you're not developing for .NET, most of the modern tools are optimized for working on Linux. (Not to mention wanting something that compiles faster.)

So we bought me a splufty highish-end tower with dual SSDs, more slots than I will ever know what to do with and a good deal of power, set that up, and I spent a day or so figuring out how to get VNC running through an SSH tunnel -- the whole point is that this machine is headless, so it can sit next to the router (in Kate's office), with me working on it from my desktop, from a remote laptop, or whatever.

That's all working nicely, except for that the fact that there's a distinct delay of a few milliseconds when I do anything. Not dramatic, mind you -- anyone looking at me wouldn't even see it. But my *fingers* notice it -- I can *feel* the lag in the mouse and keyboard. It's like nothing quite so much as trying to type in gloves: there's a sense that the software is separated from me in a very subtle, soft and almost tactile kind of way.

I'm acclimating to it -- it's already bothering me a lot less than it was on Wednesday. But even that is a bit odd, like feeling my brain rewire itself every time I get a new pair of bifocals and have to figure out where I need to focus again...

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