Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Google's never-ending search for ways to foul up their apps

Okay, here's a question for the hive mind. From Google Maps in the browser, is there *any* way to get a simple effing list of the places I have starred? This is one of the most absolutely crucial features of Google Maps for me -- it's how I keep track of places where I expect to be going in the near future -- and they have systematically gotten rid of every way I can think of to get to a list of them. (.../maps/myplaces worked until today; now I'm stumped.)

I swear, there is a team at Google whose sole purpose in life is to make their apps *less* useful and *more* annoying: nearly every change over the past year has made things work less and less well for me, to the point where I'm starting to actively drop their apps solely because I'm starting to find them unusable...
Tags: technology

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