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Signal Boost: Nightmare on Elm Street
(Because really, this is the One True Time to use that subject line.)
In case anybody in the area hasn't heard, the building with all the scaffolding in Davis Square developed Problems last night, and emergency measures have been put into place. They basically boil down to:

-- If you're a pedestrian, don't plan on walking down Elm Street: one block of it is apparently closed.
-- If you're driving, don't come through Davis Square. Just don't. Three long blocks of Elm Street are closed, traffic patterns have been rerouted, and you are probably begging for a world of hurt and confusion if you try, especially during rush hour.

See this DSLJ post and the linked items for more details...

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(Deleted comment)
There aren't any tenants left in the building, except for an architecture firm on the third floor.

I heard on Twitter a hazmat team had to be called?

...well, that screws up my evening plans pretty well. Good to know.

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