Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Oh, look -- I'm getting lots of publicity...

... it just doesn't happen to be about Querki.

Suffice it to say, somebody on the Akka mailing list asked a bunch of questions about Akka's capabilities a couple of months ago. As by now a fairly long-time Akka user, I chimed in with answers. This apparently caught the eye of the folks at Typesafe, who have added some additional notes to my responses and turned it into "The Six Questions Architects Ask About Using Akka in Production", which has already been retweeted to something north of ten thousand people in the past hour or two.

I'm a bit bemused at the way of such things, but I figure that if nothing else it helps build brand awareness -- Querki does get mentioned several times, and hopefully a few people will wander over to the What is Querki? page linked from it...

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