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Pendaflexes free to a good home
(At this point, even to a less-savory home!)

As I continue to unpack, I continue to take files out of Pendaflex folders unless I'm putting them into the filing cabinet. I am now up to something like five linear feet of empty Pendaflexes.

So -- free Pendaflexes for whoever comes and takes them away. I figure I want to keep some, but no more than half, which means that I have at *least* 100 I want to give away, probably closer to 200. First-come, first-serve...

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Legal or letter? If they are legal, I could use about half a foot of folders.

I am very amused at using length as a measure of number of folders.

Letter-sized, I'm afraid -- legal aren't very useful to me.

And yeah, but at this point I have one entire lateral drawer full of them *plus* an increasingly full small bookshelf. So length it is...

(Deleted comment)
Okay, cool. Drop me a line once you're home and settled, and we can set it up -- I have lots to give away...

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