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Justin du Coeur

Yes/No or True/False?

Way back in the early days of Querki, I was figuring out what the major Property Types were going to be.  Figuring out the list was easy; figuring out what to call them was another matter, since I'm trying to avoid techie jargon in the basic parts of Querki.  So instead of "Markup", it's simply "Text", and "Integer" is "Whole Number".  (Yes, Integer is a perfectly good math word, but most people have long since forgotten their grade school math.)

And then there's the jargony-est of them all, Boolean.  It's one of the first jargon words a programmer learns, and an incredibly useful one, but it's basically a techie shibboleth.  No way was I going to use it in Querki.  After thinking about it for a while, I gave up, called a spade a spade, and named the type YesNo.

But three years on, I find that I'm reconsidering that.  Calling the values in the database "Yes" or "No" doesn't feel quite right most of the time.  You need the concept, but I'm not sure of that terminology.

So I'm looking for opinions.  What term do *you* think would be clearest for this concept, and what do you think would be clearest for the typical user -- someone moderately smart and educated, but explicitly non-technical?  Comments welcome: naming is, as ever, the hardest part of programming...
Poll #2030349 Yes, No, True, False, Other

Which terms make most sense?

Yes / No
True / False
Other (expand in comments)
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