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Help: sluggish mouse pointer? (Windows)
[Context: Windows 7]

Garh; this is driving my crazy. For the past couple of weeks, the mouse on my desktop machine has been notably sluggish -- the pointer is "stuttering" a lot, not keeping up with me as I move the mouse. I've replaced the mouse's batteries (a common recommendation), and that doesn't seem to do it. Antivirus is up to date, and I believe the problem is happening a *little* even at system start, although it tends to take a while to become grotesquely annoying; none of my usual foreground processes seem to be involved. Likely related, I'm sometimes seeing difficulty with typing -- stuff I type takes a long time to register, and sometimes doesn't work at all. CPU is *not* pegging at all: moving the mouse around a lot barely registers on the CPU meter, even when it's stuttering and catching constantly.

The problem almost has to be something to do with interrupts and a bollixed driver, but I have no idea where to look to diagnose it. Any pointers on how to track down the offending process, short of wiping and reinstalling the whole bloody computer, would be greatly appreciated. (Comments recommending that I change operating systems would not. Please don't; I'm not in the mood.)


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That's... obscure. And I'm not sure why the problem would have started now. But I'll give it a try -- thanks!

Hmm. The really obscure solution doesn't seem to have helped. Currently experimenting with turning off Aero, which is suggested downthread -- I'll be annoyed if that's the answer, but so far it might be...

If you haven't already, try the mouse on a different system. Hardware problems are unlikely to be causing the symptoms, but they are an easy area to rule out.

Hmm. At the moment I'm starting to think that the issue is transparency (I turned it off, and so far things seem okay), but that's a good point...

It's probably not this since you're also having problems with typing, but the first thing I'd do with mouse problems is to swap the mouse as a diagnostic. Until then it could be hardware or software (and yes, I've had to clean mice occasionally to stop stuttering).

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