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Mixed feelings
Part of my brain is going, "Wow, this is wonderfully beautiful weather!" And part is going, "Wow, this is *disturbingly* beautiful weather!"

Yes, there's the El Nino effect, and after last February I can't entirely look the gift horse in the mouth. But there's something pretty broken about hitting the mid-60s on February 1...

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Um. I did put in a request (to the universe at large) that the cold, snowy weather last through the the weekend of Jan 23-24 (for the sake of those who ski), but that subsequently we could jump straight to spring weather and that'd be just dandy.

Well, all of Stonemarche has probably been praying fervently for lack of snow for Birka. :-) Now that we've gotten safely by that weekend, I share your mixed feelings. My heating/plowing bill certainly approves of this weather, but emotionally I'd really like a few proper snowstorms.

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