Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Life in the honeypot: Dell Software Group has been acquired by spammers?

Home from SCA 50 Year (I did a quick, 4-day trip for the first half of it), catching up on email, and just got to this little oddness, which starts with:
On Monday (June 20th, 2016), Francisco Partners and Elliott Management announced they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Dell Software Group. This transaction includes Dell’s Systems and Information Management (SIM), Security, and Advanced Analytics business units.
It appears to be legit (looking around, I find the deal on TechCrunch, so this isn't some pump-and-dump scheme), and I would normally just skim past it, except for one thing -- I got *six* copies of it, *all* of them to fake email addresses at waks.org.

I don't even know where these particular addresses originated. They all look relatively legitimate -- none are real addresses scraped off my pages, but they're not the usual made-up "mom294784@waks.org" that the spammers make up by computer to sell to other gullible spammers, either. They're things like "msutton", "rgordon", "howard", and so on. I've seen them from time to time, so they've been making the resale rounds, but they look like someone spent the time to handcraft fake email addresses, or at least to mix and match real account names from one domain onto another.

But mostly I'm amused and slightly puzzled. Bad enough that the new acquirers of Dell Software send out such a wide email blast announcing the sale. Doing so to such an unvetted list, making unambiguously clear that they are simply buying and blasting to spam lists, is just embarrassing.

And the cherry on top? When I Google for "Francisco Partners spam", my first hit is one of their portfolio companies, Barracuda Networks, which sells spam-fighting tech. Way to undermine the corporate message...
Tags: business, technology

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