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Fairy Lights
One surprising highlight from 50 Year doesn't seem to have made it into many accounts -- I think our encampment was particularly well-placed in this regard.

Okay, you know fireflies? How they can make a summer evening a bit more magical? Now imagine sitting in camp, looking into the trees over the creek next to it, watching something like a hundred fireflies blinking *per second*.

It was like nothing I've ever seen -- my only points of reference come from movies, frankly, the sort of glitteriness usually associated with fairies. On Sunday evening the bunch of us walked right up to the edge of the wood and watched for a few minutes, entirely rapt...
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I am very sad that we've more or less exterminated fireflies in most of the suburban places I frequent. In my youth (in very middle-suburbia New Jersey) there were at least a few every night and on some nights, many.

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