Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Oh, Microsoft, you silly thing...

I would be exasperated by this one, if I didn't expect this kind of idiocy by now.

Finally allowed my laptop to upgrade to Windows 10. (Yes, intentionally -- it's a touchscreen laptop, originally built to 10 specs, and was bought with the expectation of upgrading eventually.)

That went fairly smoothly. Well, aside from the 30-second bluescreen that just says "Your files have not been moved" in big letters (no other text or anything) and won't respond to *anything*, which is probably supposed to be reassuring but mostly left me wondering if the laptop had been bricked. And of course, having to go through all of the settings manually, because their "express" settings are almost entirely bad. But I was kind of wondering why I didn't get any sort of "Hi! Welcome to Windows 10!" tutorial on what had changed.

I just discovered that I *did* get that. In email. In my Spam box, because as Gmail puts it:
Why is this message in Spam? It has a from address in communication.microsoft.com but has failed communication.microsoft.com's required tests for authentication.
Yes, they are essentially *telling* Gmail to send the email to Spam, because they don't know how to use the protocol correctly.

So close. But I suppose it wouldn't be Windows if it had a good upgrade experience...
Tags: technology

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