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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
I think I may have mentioned DHMIS before, but now that the series has finally hit its official final episode it's worth another pointer.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is hard to describe -- I guess I would summarize it as Sesame Street Meets Brazil (on LSD). Technically it's very Muppetoid, and the videos start out chirpy and pseudo-educational on topics like "Ideas", "Computers" and "Dreams", but bear with it: each episode gradually gets weirder, and by the end of the series the whole thing is a fuzzy Kafka nightmare.

Arguably NSFW, not due to sex or anything so much as sheer WTF, and it's a bit hard to say whether it *means* anything, but it's weirdly fascinating. Half a dozen short episodes, totaling half an hour or so, recommended for those who like an occasional dose of High Weirdness and trippy horror...

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My kids, in particular the younger one, really enjoy this. If I had more time, I'd likely enjoy it too; I've seen a couple but don't have the processing time I need to really get into it properly.

I watched a couple of them when the first came out and decided that it was clever, but not for me. It did mean I was aware enough of it though to be somewhat startled when I overheard my 12yo daughter talking about it with a friend and raving about how cool it was.

I then tried to describe it to Marsy and went with "Sesame Street directed by early David Lynch" (not too far off from your "Brazil" comparison).

Suffice it to say, Episode 6 (Dreams) goes full-on Brazil...

Having watched these now, and also having watched some recent-ish Lynch, I'm curious why you specify "early". He hasn't gotten noticeably *less* weird.

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