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Quick review check: Massage Therapy Works in Davis
Has anybody here used Massage Therapy Works in Davis Square? We're looking for a last-minute massage, and our usual option isn't available, so we're interested in anybody's experience with them.

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Like everywhere, the individual folks do very different styles, so that will matter. That said, I have been very happy with them. I particularly like Jeffrey, Kathleen, Rochele, and Orion. The first two are more happy-relaxation massages, the latter two are more "ow we are fixing broken things!" massages - I use them in a targeted way, because it's work, but they are *really* good at it.

Useful intelligence -- thanks! (Looks like Kate's going to try seeing Rochele.)

Great! I will note that I have found them all to be *very* receptive to feedback, so she should feel very free to let Rochele know how things are going throughout.

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