Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Annoying and funny is still annoying -- but still fun to mock

On the downside, I'm a bit cranky that somebody has clearly come up with a new spam service this week: the amount getting into my Gmail Spam box (as opposed to being deleted outright) has abruptly risen tenfold.

On the upside, some of these new script kiddies are so incompetent that it's almost a little endearing. Like the several copies of spam I just got whose subject line is literally "You Have Been Selected For [PRODUCT] Samples." And yes, the content of the email (in enormous, boldfaced colored letters) is, "Hey Jducoeur, [PRODUCT] Sampler is Waiting". Somebody apparently doesn't understand that there aren't actually hordes of Americans who are anxiously awaiting [PRODUCT].

Sometimes I can almost see (if I squint a lot) how some particularly naive people might be fooled into clicking on some of these spams. But seriously, folks, you have to at least try...
Tags: spam

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