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Possibly related: old feed messages have gone kaput
Curious: I just noticed that LJ no longer seems to be keeping syndicated posts for more than two weeks.  Or they deleted everything before December 14th; it'll be a while to figure out which...

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Yeah, there was a reason I migrated from doing feeds on LJ to doing them on Google Reader (and then went to feedly rather than back to LJ when GR was killed). Their attitude to syndication seems to very much be "some people use this, we guess."

Edited at 2016-12-29 01:55 am (UTC)

There is that.

I've wound up splitting them based on content:

-- Stuff that is work-related news, that I want to *skim* and generally keep up with, but only read a fraction of in-depth, I do through Feedspot. (One of the aggregators, which happens to have been co-founded by a sometime co-worker of mine and which brewed up while I was looking for a replacement for Google Reader.)

-- Stuff that I particularly *enjoy*, and am likely to read every post from (XKCD, Sluggy, a few technical blogs) I syndicate and read with LJ, mostly at lunchtime.

That's been true for a while. Do you know of a time when LJ did keep feed posts for more than two weeks?

Hmm. I can't say for sure, but I was startled by one of my open tabs that I hadn't gotten around to winding up dead. I had thought they kept them for at least a couple of months, but mostly I hadn't noticed a cutoff before. (Which, given how far behind I sometimes get, implies that it was likely longer than that...)

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