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Crossing the Uncanny Valley
[Trying out posting from DreamWidth. Let's see if everything is configured right.]

Just saw Rogue One.  Capsule Summary: not an epic for the ages, but a solidly good Star Wars movie, a good prequel with fine depth of appropriate detail.  While feeling like the main saga, this one has the freedom to be a more honest (and dark) war movie, which makes an interesting change of pace.  Worth seeing at the big Jordan's IMAX, which is why we didn't see it at Christmas.

But what I hadn't realized until I was there was that this movie was finally going to cross the Co-Starring A Dead Actor rubicon.  I've long known this was coming, and I had known that Grand Moff Tarkin appeared in the story, but I didn't realize he had such a significant part.  They didn't shy away from the challenge: he dominates several scenes.

Overall, it's a good effort, but they're not quite there yet.  It reminds me of starship battles before Independence Day -- while that was by no means a great movie, it was the first time I ever watched one of those scenes and couldn't perceive any seams: it just felt real.

Tarkin *doesn't* quite feel real here.  It's ever-so-close -- 90% of the way across the Uncanny Valley -- but something was still just a bit off.  I can't put my finger on what, but he looked like a character from a good videogame cut scene, not quite a person.

They'll get there.  Having done this in a major movie and not entirely fallen on their faces, I'm sure more movies will try this, and eventually somebody will get all the details right.  I wonder how many actors are already writing contracts that involve digital rights to their likeness.  (And what the eventual lawsuits are going to look like...) This was originally posted via DreamWidth, at http://jducoeur.dreamwidth.org/1558409.html, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. Feel free to comment either here or there.

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I seem to be reading this just fine, so it looks like you did all the things correctly.

Yep. Moreover, LJ then seems to have forwarded it on to Facebook and Twitter, so it looks like the whole tree works -- I can post once and have it show up on all my accounts. Good...

Given that one big motivation for the move was that LJ might suddenly vanish, can you get DW to directly forward, rather than the current 'tree' setup?

Not obviously -- DW only seems to crosspost to other LJ derivatives, not OAuth2 systems. It there's a way to get it to crosspost to FB, I haven't come across it yet. (Whereas it's front-and-center on LJ.)

Also, the link to the DW original isn't showing up as clickable here. (It does seem to work for many crossposters...)

Hmm -- good point. I probably just need to change the set up a bit. Thanks for pointing that out...

so amusingly while the young leia made me cringe, i didnt realise Tarkin was not jsut a dude acting until i left hte theater and the person i was with said so

That was basically my response as well, although I did wonder why his makeup looked so good and hers looked terrible. I didn't think of CGI at the time. As Tevye said about his dream of the Golde's grandmother "For someone twenty years dead, she looked very good."

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