Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

More Useful Goodness from Project Gutenberg

Newly added to the releases: Beaumont & Fletcher's Works, vols. 1 (The Custom of the Country) and 2 (The Humorous Lieutenant).

I find these releases particularly encouraging, since I'm currently working on vol. 4 myself. The Distributed Proofreaders project turns out to be fun, and rather cleverly structured. You don't actually commit to very much when you volunteer for it -- the proofreading happens at a granularity of one page at a time, and there's no particular pressure to take on larger chunks. Indeed, they don't even try to get you to work very hard: their suggested workload is proofing one page a day (maybe 5-10 minutes), and they're entirely content if you do even less than that. By distributed the work so broadly, they actually get a lot more done: they're currently running a clip of 180,000 pages a month going through the project. Many hands make light work, and so on.

Anyway, I commend it as a pleasant way to kill a little time now and then. They let you pick what you want to proof each time you log in -- I did the requisite 5 pages from one of their "beginner" texts, and then immediately dove into the Elizabethan dramas. It's fascinating getting to see bits and pieces of assorted historical books, and while I don't entirely agree with the rather fast-and-loose markup style typically used by the project, it's good to see these books becoming publically available. There's even a SCAdian "team", although there isn't a lot of inter-communication yet...

(Edit: Oh, right -- also potentially interesting today is Knights of Malta, 1523-1798, which looks like possibly useful source material for some SCA uses...)

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