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Seeding the Anti-Meme Meme
I'm gradually watching my way through Stargate: Atlantis (which I hadn't watched in its original run).  Today was the episode where everyone in the city loses their memory, and havoc predictably results.  What is it named?

Tabula Rasa, of course.

Okay, yes, we didn't invent the idea (I originally got it from the ST:TNG episode Conundrum).  And yes, it's probably parallel evolution.  But I strongly suspect this was inspired by the Buffy episode of the same name, and there's still a little part of me that wonders if Joss Whedon heard about our game 20-odd years ago and said, "Hey!  That would make a cool episode"...

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As the person who (IIRC) came up with the name for our game -- it's an obvious name.

Hence the "parallel evolution", yeah. But coming across *another* all-amnesia genre TV episode with the name did take me a bit aback -- it's a good name, but I don't think it's *that* obviously the one true name.

(And yeah, you likely came up with the name. I think I suggested the premise, but other than that, I'm not sure...)

As a phrase it tends to run in philosophy (and by extenstion) literary currents, and I think both shows have rather erudite writers and producers, so I'd definitely argue for parallel evolution.

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