Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Latest interesting updates at Project Gutenberg

Continuing to list the new books that seem like they might be fun for my friends:

Hygeia, or a City of Health: one of those typical books hypothesizing what a utopian civilization would look like. Notable mostly because I come across references to it from time to time in other fantastic literature.

Dick Sand, a Captain at Fifteen, parts one and (screwed up link, unfortunately) two. Interesting mainly in that it's by Jules Verne. Doesn't appear to be science fiction, at least at first glance.

Dio's Rome, or An Historical Narrative originally composed in Greek during the reigns of Septimus Severus, Geta and Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus and Alexander Severus: and Now Presented in English Form by Herbert Baldwin Foster, etc, etc., Vol. VI. An ancient book of ancient history. Cool.

The Bee-Man of Orn -- this was the book I started out working on for my first few pages with Distributed Proofreaders. A collection of odd little metaphorical stories. Weird as hell -- rather Lewis Carroll-like in the strange imagery of the stories, although definitely not as well-written.

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