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And at half time...
In an upset against perennial favorites Cars and Beer, the runaway lead was claimed by Household Goods, with a surprise touchdown from Tide followed by a fine defensive pay by Febreze.

Specifically, it's amusing how few ads manage to be well-written, appropriate to the setting, *and* actually have something to do with the product; most of the funny ads fail on the third point.

On the plus side, I am encouraged that the companies did not back down from their usual pro-international viewpoint.  Particular points to 84 Lumber, of all people, for coming closest to saying, "Fuck your wall" with a sentimental but well-done pro-immigrant ad; I'm actually tempted to go to their website and check out the rest.

(The football game? Oh, we're losing that. Nice halftime show, though.)

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The football game ended in a stunning comeback. After being down 21-0 late in the first half and 28-3 a few minutes into the third quarter, the Pats came back to tie the game, win the overtime coin toss, and score a touchdown on their first possession. 34-28 Pats, and all kinds of new Super Bowl records. First overtime Super Bowl, most wins by a quarterback, and biggest comeback are just a few of them. (Biggest comeback by a mile; the previous record was coming back from a 10 point deficit. That's been done three times, including by the Pats in Super Bowl 49.)

The 84 Lumber ad was the best pro-immigrant one, but Budweiser also scored some points for eschewing their usual flag waving in favor of a pro-immigration statement.

Lada Gaga didn't go as political as some thought she might in the halftime show, but performing Born This Way in Texas (a state where the lieutenant governor is supporting the passage of an anti-trans law similar to HB2 in North Carolina, and where there is an ongoing legal attempt to limit same sex marriage rights) still says something. She was accompanied by a visibly diverse group of dancers. It was hardly a surprise; it's one of her biggest hit songs, and the NFL surely knew what it was getting into when it booked her to do the show. Surprisingly, her costume changes were limited; she didn't attempt even close to what Katy Perry did two years ago. On the other hand, she did make a dramatic aerial entrance; the stadium opened the dome just for the halftime show.

the Audi ad i think won hands down. the AirBnB ad was quite nice, and Coke did a reprise of their international song.

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