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Picking at the ball of twine is always dangerous

What I set out to do: add "Unsubscribe" links to the bottom of all emails sent from Querki, so we properly comply with CAN-SPAM requirements.

What I find myself doing: implementing not just Guest Mode (the long-long-desired ability to use a Querki invitation without having to become a member), but today implementing Shareable Links (because Guest Mode lets me do so with adequate security, and there are a pile of great use cases enabled by it). Yes, those are both sequiturs from where I started -- building proper "Unsubscribe" requires having a concept of Identity for an email address, and the ball of twine started rolling away from me as soon as I got that far.

They're great new features, and should make a ton of use cases much more usable. But man, this is not what I had expected to be doing with my week...

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Better to do it right now instead of after you've implemented. :) I had a similar problem yesterday, where I realized halfway through the solution that I was doing it wrong.

To be fair, none of this is actually *necessary* right now -- it's not critical-path, and doesn't really affect the design of Unsub.

It's more that the changes needed to make Unsubscribe work got me about 75% of the way to a functioning Guest Mode (since you need to be able to click on the Unsub link and get a browser session that knows who it is talking about), so it was easier to deal with all this stuff now, while my head is in this particular code. I've literally wanted these features from the *very* beginning (there was actually a crude attempt at Guest Mode in the very first Querki Space -- my Wedding Management Space -- which I had to rip out because it was too hackish), so I'm sort of jumping at the chance to finally add them...

Necessary, no. But since you're most of the way there, you might as well keep going. :)

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