Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Queen of Coincidence

So I'm about halfway through The Vor Game, and I'm quite enjoying it -- it's a fascinating wander through Bujold's world, and does a lot to clarify who is who on the local galactic scene. And it nicely follows up The Warrior's Apprentice in some very sensible and realistic ways. (I had figured that leaving Oser in a position of responsibility with the Dendarii was a bad idea.)


The degree of coincidence here has just reached the preposterous point. Let's get this straight. Miles just happens to run into Gregor in jail on Jackson's Whole (a planet that neither had any intent of visiting), they both happen to fall into the clutches of the woman who sent Miles to jail for completely unrelated reasons (what reason did she have to believe that the person being smuggled out of the Oser fleet was the guy she was trying to capture?), and there he finds General Whatisface, who just happens to have joined this particular mercenary fleet after Miles destroyed his career?

I enjoy Bujold's writing a lot, so I'll suspend my disbelief and let things unfold. But unless this all turns out to be some grand and subtle plot of Simon Illyan's, I'm going to be disappointed that she had to resort to quite this level of synchronicity...

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