Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary Entry

Right -- I do mean to keep this thing as a bit of a diary, as well as a blog. So:

Saturday: Went to the Greenwood Isle picnic, which was a smidgeon small but fun. As usual, there was far too much food, since most people brought enough for three. I was a lazy slug and just did store-bought (albeit expensive store-bought): a hazelnut-fig spread that was quite well-received, mixed olives and an intensely peppered goat cheese.

We hung out and chatted for a couple of hours. Eventually, my inner Laurel got annoyed at me about how much time I was spending talking about TV and computers, so I pulled out the Astronomical Tables board and dragooned folks into a game. I had fun teaching several folks how to play the game; we didn't finish, but I was doing pretty well when we decided to call time. (Note for the future: asdr83 takes her games very seriously: she and new_man were having way too much fun alternately pretending to ally and then ripping each other apart.) We shut down a few minutes early, in the interest of getting to the T before the Red Sox / Yankees game next door let out.

Sunday: The Epic Masked Ball at Fenmere. This didn't start until afternoon, bless them, so I was able to sleep in a little. I decided to take Lakshmi's class on the symbolism of Gods in Indian Dance. I taught English Country; Mara taught Everything Else (mostly Italian). Pity I had to miss the other class tracks, though -- gyzki's class on Norse Mythology sounded like particular fun, as did Christian's class on Gods in Poetry. The Ball itself was good dancing, although I'm a bit distressed about how small it was: unlike the relatively impromptu Ball at Christmas, this one was decently well-publicized. We need to get more people dancing.

Anyway, I bought a new mask for the Ball, a long-nosed interpretation of Feste. (I seem to have developed an odd fondness for long-nosed masks -- no idea why.) There were many fine costumes, although my personal favorite was Lakshmi as an Elizabethan woman doing an Indian costume. Delightfully accurate inaccuracy: a multi-layered joke done well.

Afterwards, I went over to Wadsworth for the post-revel there; msmemory had to turn in early, but since I had Patriots' Day off for once, I figured I'd go party. The post-revel was exceptionally raucous -- richenza nearly caused a riot when she got back from the market with munchies. It was good to see El show up for the post-revel: he seems to be in better health and spirits than I've seen him in years. (When asked what he wanted to drink, he said to bring him half a glass of ice and experiment with the rest -- he learned to drink with Marines, and isn't scared of anything.)

Monday: Tired. No, more tired than that. My insomnia is acting up to begin with, and eating too much at the party didn't help. Had to get up early to meet the guy setting traps for the raccoon in our attic. (Which still haven't turned anything up -- I may have managed to scare the critter off beforehand.) Had lunch with Aaron, talking about all kinds of stuff. He introduced me to the taqueria off Moody Street that I'd been hearing about for a while: not fancy, but good cheap Mexican food. I'll have to keep it in mind for future reference. Spent the rest of the day pretty lazily, since I was dog-tired -- my most notable accomplishment was finally unlocking one of the bonus tracks on the Normal level of Amplitude. (I cruised right through the Mellow level, but Normal is actually a challenge for my mediocre hand-eye coordination.)

Tuesday: Back to work. Still tired. Evening was Accademia della Danza, mainly focused on working partway through Furioso, at Aaron's request. Fun little dance, although we're a bit hung up on trying to get the choreography of the sciolta to match the music.

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