Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Today's Links

gower pointed me to Subservient Chicken. Okay, I get the impression that everyone else has already seen this, but I hadn't. It is disturbingly, surreally fun. If you haven't tried it, go there, and type in some commands. The concept is simple, but sublimely weird...

Today's highlights from Project Gutenberg:

The Sleeper Awakes (1899), by H.G. Wells. One of his works I didn't read when I was a kid -- interesting...

Sakoontala or The Lost Ring, an Indian Drama. Apparently an old Sanskrit work translated into English. Not obvious from a quick skim of the introduction how old the original is, but possibly interesting from a period POV.

The Principles of Masonic Law (1856), by Mackey. The definitive work on the subject, as I understand it. Possibly interesting for ideas in the Mysteries project, although I'm pretty sure that there are many base memes in Masonic Jurisprudence that are worth avoiding...

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