Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Job Meme

Interesting one to examine. I first saw this from [Bad username: tangerinepenguin], I believe, and it's making the rounds rapidly from there.

Make a list of all the paying jobs you've had.

-- Programmer (zillions of different titles, but all boil down to "programmer".)
-- Sysop (one semester at Brandeis)
-- Author (one chapter of Special Edition Using Java, edited by new_man -- I wrote the section on VRML)
-- Director of Technology (slightly distinguished from Programmer, in that it was 50% management.)
-- But mostly Programmer.

It's curious to realize that I've never really done much for pay that wasn't about programming in one capacity or another. Being second-generation, I started programming for fun when I was 8, and apprenticed to my father when I was 14 or so. 25 years later, it's very much my craft.

(Of course, I've brought in money doing a few other things, like selling comic books. But that's never been a "job" in any meaningful sense.)

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