Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
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Short Takes and a Meme

eBook of the Day: Beaumont & Fletcher's Works, v.1: A King, and No King. (All period and near-period drama counts as interesting to me.) Runner-up: Love Affairs of the Courts of Europe, an odd little assortment of romantic anecdotes -- mostly post-period, but not quite all.

From gyzki: The Ancient Oriental Art of T-Shirt Folding.

Finally, the First/Last Meme, initially via alienor:


First job: System Dynamics, Inc. (My Dad's company, doing statistical analysis in Fortran.)
First screen name: jhustyn (The original spelling of my SCA name.)
First funeral: My great-grandfather, I believe, but I was only about four and don't remember much of it.
First pet: A very large, very scary German Shepherd when I was around 2. Quickly replaced with a lazy cat named Cuddles.
First piercing/tattoo: Pierced one ear in college, mostly as moral support for my roommate who was scared to do it alone. Wore an earring until around the end of college.
First credit card: Around 1984, during college -- $500 credit limit.
First kiss: Y'know, I genuinely don't remember any worth calling such before college. So technically I'd say some "educational" necking with the ladies in Fenmere (I think Janis was the first one to decide I needed the practice). First real kiss would have been cvirtue, probably sometime around Ladies' Champion Tourney.
First enemy: Endless parade of nameless brats in grade school, but the first one I'd really call an "enemy" was a guy by the name of Dan Browder in high school -- a punk with a chip on his shoulder, who took endless joy in tormenting the class nerd.
First favorite musician: Probably Tom Lehrer -- at least, he's the first one whose lyrics I memorized. (When I was *way* too young to understand them.)


Last car ride: To get lunch this afternoon.
Last kiss: Last night. A kiss before going to sleep is one of those important rituals I don't like to forget.
Last movie watched: One of the Horatio Hornblower stories -- "The Fire Ship", IIRC.
Last beverage drank: Water
Last food consumed: A date. (I'm trying to be good and stick to dried fruit for my afternoon snacking.)
Last phone call: Last night, talking politics with my mother for most of an hour.
Last time showered: This morning. (I cannot wake up without a shower.)
Last CD played: Probably listening to the dance disc I burned for snarkyman's wedding this weekend. (I'm listening to tapes in the car right now.)
Last website visited: The above-mentioned T-Shirt Folding tutorial.


Single or Taken: Taken
Sex: Male
Birthday: February 11
Sign: Aquarius
Siblings: younger sister Ruth, plus step-sibs Michael and Allison
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Shoe size: 6 3/4 Wide (that is, nothing ever quite fits)
Height: 5'5"

Right now what are you...

Wearing: Linen Dockers (mmm, linen) and a denim button-down
Drinking: Water
Thinking about: Refactoring my SMTP client email stack so that I can send Outlook calendar entries through it.
Listening to: random chatter over the cubicle walls

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