Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Books and Duct Tape

Today's eBooks:

The Jewish Manual, or, Practical Information in Jewish And Modern Cookery, With a Collection of Valuable Recipes & Hints Relating to the Toilette (1846). Far post-period, but has lots of interesting-looking recipes. msmemory and I tend to habitually collect cookbooks from almost any period.

The Elizabethan Parish in its Ecclesiastical and Financial Aspects (1908). Part of a more general series on how a parish operated. Looks like interesting background information for anyone interested in the fine nitty-gritty of how the church worked in period. Appears to have discussions of social occasions like Church Ales, so probably a bit useful in general.

And the dramatic news of the day (courtesy scatoday): 3M Announces Transparent Duct Tape. Sure to have a lasting impact on the SCA...

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