Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Short Takes

Just in case anyone hasn't read it yet, check out the epic poem review of Troy (courtesy alexx_kay first, I think). I'm clearly going to have to turn off my brain and pretend I don't know the story, or I'm going to scream.

Just demonstrated to myself that Big Paw can be found online. msmemory and I found this company when we were in CA back in '95. They're frighteningly expensive (I'm bracing myself for an order, since I'm almost out of the stuff I got a few years ago), but they make the best infused oils I've ever tasted. In particular, when their porcini mushroom oil is at its best (it does vary), it's spectacular: rich, dark oil that almost explodes with porcini flavor. If anyone local wants to come in on an order with me, give a yell: they give a break on their horrible shipping prices if you buy a dozen bottles.

Does anyone have any experience with QuickTime problems in Windows? For at least the past month, I've been getting weird sound problems: everything I play in QT sounds like all the sound is gargling underwater, a sort of constant strange reverb that makes it almost incomprehensible. I really want to watch shipbrook's 48-hour movie Duck Sauce, but the sound is so fouled up as to make it unbearable. I figure it's some sort of driver problem, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what's going on.

New eBooks:

For those interested in Indian Mythology, THE MAHABHARATA VANA PARVA, PART II. Rather archaic translation ("Hanuman said, 'I have no strength to rise; I am suffering from illness. If go thou must, do thou go by overleaping me.'"), but hey, that's half the fun. Not quite sure where Part 1 is, but it's presumably in the Project Gutenberg archives somewhere.

Far more important to me (and other game geeks): The Art of Iugling, or Legerdemaine (Samuel Rid, 1612). This is the primordial source on street magic and chicanery, which alexx_kay recently reminded me that I should be using as a source for my play. A really fun book on how to trick and cheat people in proper period style.
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