Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Shyness in the Growing Company

Interesting: my company's current phase is one that's particularly hard for a slightly shy nerd like myself. We're ramping up marketing, hiring lots of sales representatives and the like; the theory is that we should go say hello to each new hire (which are coming in fast and thick).

Problem is, this is precisely the part I have most trouble with: the initial hello. Once I know someone decently well, I'm not especially shy. And if I have a clear excuse for smalltalk, I can bull my way through adequately. (That's why I'm good at demos: when I have a clear agenda, I can use that as a way to introduce myself to people.) But simply saying "hi" is extraordinarily hard for me. I don't even know why: normally, I'm much better at governing my own emotions, but this one thing dredges up all the old high-school reactions. Intellectually I can see many conversational gambits for a conversation, but I find it oddly difficult to apply them on first introductions. Curious...

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